Saturday, June 14, 2008

hell, today, was an uber crazy day.
we took damn alot of pictures.
but, just cos maisa had to go early, we couldn't upload any cos it's ALL IN HER CAMERA!
oh well.
alice is still at my place now.
she's having dinner.
daymm. she takes a LONGG TIME to eat.
so, i decided to blog while waiting for her to finish.
she seems like she enjoys sharing with my mum some experience with her maid.
anyways, about what happened in my life today.
we went to the library.
the park, AGAIN.
i would say, i didn't get to take many nice pictures today. :/
something bout a 'bad picture' day.
sighh. oh well!
then, we came back.
and then, i got to talk to him! :))
we talked for over an hour today.
and, YET to talk again tonight. :))
things are progressing really well.
love love. <33
oh yeah.
i sayang alice till the max, man!
sayang maisa too!
today was fucking great.
will upload the pictures on monday when maisa passes me her thumbdrive containing the pictures.
keep updated!
cheers. :)