Saturday, May 24, 2008

i'm screaming into the dark, searching for an answer.
where do i go from here?
everytime i shout those three words to you, you just, ignore.
why? why is it that my dream boy have to leave me like that?
he's everything i ever wanted.
the only thing he's missing is that he doesn't care for me as much as i care for him.
now, he doesn't want it no more.
as i walk on the streets, i see couples cuddling each other.
with their loved ones. my heart striked in envy, disappointment and happiness.
envious bout how loving they can be to one another.
disappointed that i'm not blessed like that.
happiness that there ARE people that actually, love and care for their loved ones.
God blessed them with partners.
i was too.
the perfect one.
but, things got out of hand and everything is gone now.
why do God wanna play these games with me?
i'm a really weak person and all i want is my partner to care for me and love me with his life.
is that too much to ask for?
i'm not asking for jewellery, money, anything.
i just keep crying to myself.
when will it be the day you say, "i can't live without you."
i'll sacrifice anything for that.
why must you be so desperate to leave me?
all i ever did, was to love you and care so much for you.
i'm running so fast, but going no where.
where do i go from here?