Monday, May 26, 2008

ultimate emergency friend rescue. :)

well, we made a decision to go out at like, 2 something in the morning when we were online cos i was emo.
then, planning to go out later on in the morning after some sleep.
we did. after i went through some major shit arguement with my mum.
oh well, it was alright i guess.
arnold was there.
performing his AHEM dance.
lol. he'll kill me if i wrote it.
and also, jaysen is weaker than a AHEM.
which he'll also kill if i wrote it.
LOL. the entertainment today was unbareable.
two jokers being humiliated and i witnessed it first hand. LOL.
oh well.
that was the good part.
we watched some lame ass superhero movie.
and also, the indiana jones.
indiana jones only got nice towards mid and ending.
beginning is SHIT boring i tell you.
we even wanted to get out of that cinema to go to another one to see what other show there was on. LOL. kinda considered breaking in.
we went to the batting cages, with my hair being totally like crap for the strong gushed of wind.
then that weird horny security dude.
but, oh well. we didn't.
as on for my side, not that good.
i regretted letting him go. shit.
dammit. the bloody fucking stupid retarded thing to do.
we agreed on trying after his exams.
and i must stupidly end thing after exams.
sighh. i dunno la.
i'm just suffering like crap.

i need you, B.